"Brooks Powers Group is a synergistic team with individuals representing the broadest possible skill sets. When Brooks Powers Group joins the problem solving in a school based team focused on a specific student need, the results multiply exponentially."
Ken Heikkila | Director of Special Services | Riverview School District

Good information and professional guidance are effective catalysts for change. To help you, we provide the following types of consultation...

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We believe that effective treatment begins with learning about our clients. As a component of getting to know each individual, we specialize in a range of evaluation options.

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We offer a variety of treatment options to meet a wide range of needs. Individual and family counseling helps clients cope with stress and can create a more successful home environment.

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The Incredible Years – Early Intervention and Prevention of Challenging Behaviors

Do you have a child aged 4 to 8 who struggles with impulsivity, emotional extremes or challenging behaviors? With each family’s strengths in mind, we provide structure, support, and tools to see concrete changes in their child’s behaviors.

We improve the lives of individual children and adolescents. This goal cannot be achieved in a vacuum. Parents, teachers, schools, and peer groups all influence one's behavior and perceptions. Conversely, one person can profoundly affect family dynamics or the behavior of a crowd. Therefore, we believe in a "systems approach" and work collaboratively with individuals and organizations to improve life experiences of youth.

Our clients include:

  • Children & adolescents ages 3 to 21
  • Families
  • Schools
  • School districts
  • Youth service organizations
  • The juvenile justice system

Allison Brooks, Ph.D.
Tom Powers, Ph.D.

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